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miley cyrus - i can't believe i'm writing about her either

miley cyrus

the uproar & hoopla from the Video Music Awards show has died down. gratefully.

yet, I'm still having flashbacks of miley's disturbing, flesh-colored Daisy Dukes. if only I could wash my mind out with soap.  

her performance left me saying, honey, you can't dance so please give it up & that goes double for that nasty foam finger you kept putting in very unladylike places.    anyway, i've finally put my finger on the reason i was so appalled.

you're hanging on the edge of your seat, right?    & in case you're wondering, my finger is not, i repeat, not a foam finger.

her being such an attention-hog really got on my nerves --  i mean, wasn't it supposed to be robin thicke's moment in the sun?   and, btw, isn't he FINE?  the song he sang,  "blurred lines"  -- well, i just love it.   let's all  sing a few bars, shall we?

hey, hey, hey......... hey, hey, hey...........hey, hey, hey

if you can't hear what I'm tryin' to say....   if you can't read from the same page...

maybe I'm goin' crazy....  maybe I'm goin' blind...    maybe I'm goin' out of my

mi--i-i-i---i-i-i -- i-i-i---i-i-i-i-i-i-i---nd

you're going to have that song stuck in your head all day now, aren't you?

you're welcome.

okay, here's the other reason.  i love miley's music --  i seriously do -- & when she ditched the whole disney, hannah montana-persona  in favor of  the  "serious artist"  persona, she pulled it off.  honestly, she did, & I really & truly like her music.

but strutting around the stage pretending to be a sex-bomb like britney spears? well, she didn't pull that off, because she just ain't.   yeah, i know britney was a mouseketeer, & so was christina aguilera. whatever.  for them, it was merely a footnote.

for her "sexy" moment, miley wore tennis shoes & short, little pig tails all over her head & absolutely would not stop sticking out her tongue -- something ornery little kids do, right?

& did i mention, the girl just can't dance...  i think i did, but,  i mean, come on! ,  "twerking" her skinny little booty as if she was  bootilicious beyonce?


but, you  know -- the girl's doing something right, because I'm still talking about her..

TTFN - ta-ta for now.